Business Overview

Name Jukgok CHP (Combined Heat and Power Generation)
Objective Energy and heat retail
Location Maegok-ri, Dasa-eup, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Consumers Apartments, individual houses, shops, schools

Major Facilities

Classification District 1 District 2 Vicinity District 3 Total
Heat Customers 4,081 2,188 2,856 2,310 11,435
Power Customers 5,935 3,568 - - 9,503
Commercial Operation Dec. 2007

Generating Capacity

9 MW [Gas Engine 3 MW x 3units]

Heat Capacity

36 Gcal/h [Heat only Boiler 12 Gcal/h x 3 units]

※ |n the case of shortage, pow「e will automatically be fed 1n

※ |n the case of s「u plus, the amount of s「u plus will be sold to KEPCO [KPX]

Flow Diagram