Solid Refuse Fuel

Production of Electricity and Heat by a MBT & SRF Fluff Facility and Cogeneration Facility using the MSW (600 ton/day) of Daegu City as the Fuel Material

Business Overview

Name Daegu City Green Energy Center Private Investment Project
Location 822, Dasa-ro, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, Korea
Area 50,132㎡
Project Type Private Investment (BTO, Build-Transfer-Operate)
Construction Period Dec. 2013 ~ Jun. 2016 (30 months)
Concession Period 15 years

Major Facilities

MBT & SRF Fluff Facility 800 ton/day
Cogeneration Facility 380 ton/day
Waste Wood Resource Facility 70 ton/day
Convenience Facilities for Local Residents Sports park, roof garden

※ MBT Mechanical Biological Treatment

※ MSW Municipal Solid Waste

Flow Diagram

MSW Process


Waste Wood Process