If you suspect an incorrect meter reading.

Contact the Service Center ( 1577-1190 )

How do I check how much gas I am using?

Gas meters may differ, but in general you can check your gas usage in the area outlined in yellow below.

How do I self-monitor my gas meter?

For some customers, their gas meter is located inside. In this case, each month on a designated day the customer should check his or her gas meter and record the number on the sticker provided by the gas company. If you are unable to record the number on the designated day, please contact the gas company.

To change the name of the gas user.

Contact the Service Center ( 1577-1190 ) or visit the Service Center with your ID card and you can change the name of the gas user. At that time, the current gas user must pay the gas bill in full.

You smell gas

Stop using all gas. Contact the Service Center ( 1577-1190 ).

If you anticipate a much higher gas bill.

For example, there has been :

1. change in usage pattern or an increase in gas use due to changes in temperature

2. metering error

3. boiler malfunction

4. hot water use; leak in hot water pipes, etc.

In the event you are anticipating a larger gas bill due to unforeseen circumstances,

contact the Service Center (1577-1190).

Interruption of city gas supply

If you do not pay your city gas bill for three months, then your gas will be shut off.

Once you pay your bill, the gas will be turned on again.

Automatic payment

1. Visit the nearest bank and fill out an application for automatic payment.

2. Or you may visit the city gas office directly and bring a copy of your bank book and automatic transfer form.

3. Apply via the internet Giro site (http://giro.or.kr)

4. You may also apply by calling the gas company directly.

Credit card automatic payment

You may use either Daegu Bank BC Card or Shinhan Card When you apply, please have your city gas user contract number available.

- Daegu Bank Customer Service (1588-5050)

- Shinhan Card Customer Service (1544-7000)